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2022 Midterm Election Endorsed Candidates

03 Nov 2022

Dear IUPAT DC7 Members,

As we are all aware, the 2022 midterms are almost over, and WI and Michigan have been bombarded with political ads for the last several months. Whatever the outcome, we must learn to come together, as I said a couple of months ago, as an elected leader I must represent our members regardless of their or my political beliefs. Our elected leaders must govern the same way, once an election is over, you cannot simply represent only the people that voted for you, you must represent everyone, we are one country. DC7 is often criticized by their membership for being one-sided and only endorsing Democrats, that is partially true, but have you ever stopped and considered why that may be? The reason is that Republican’s have either refused to sit down and meet with our members or have simply not shown up. One fact you might not realize is that the members of DC7 endorse candidates not DC7 leadership.Members need to only review the voting records of the WI legislature to see which politician has voted in the best interests of working people and our members. A good example of legislation that the WI legislature passed concerns unemployment. Last year the Republicans in both the WI Assembly and WI Senate ratified a bill that makes it mandatory for union members to perform work searches if they are ever laid off from their employer. Right now, that is not required. The bill goes one step further and says that if you are offered a job you must take it or risk losing the unemployment benefits that you pay for, doesn’t matter if that employer is union or nonunion. Governor Evers vetoed that bill. Republican WI Assembly Speaker Vos has stated that he intendsto bring that bill back up and Michel’s if elected has said he will sign it. If there is one Republican, you can point to please let us know because we have not found one yet. I’m sorry if that fact upsets you, but it is true. We have said it many times but is needs to be said again: DC7 is nonpartisan but we support those that support us. This continuing political divide does nothing but hurt the work that we do on behalf of the membership. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said it best recently when he said “we’ve lost our members” meaning we are no longer trusted when it comes to what is best for the members, I have worked hard for a long time to try and bridge the divide between leadership and membership by communication and we will continue to do that. All we can do is provide the truth, accountability, and transparency to our members every day and every hour that we represent them.A recent statement by the Republican candidate for WI Governor was very telling. “if I am elected governor, a Democrat will never win in Wisconsin again” is exactly what I am talking about. It needs to be about representing all of the people not just the people that support you. That statement is very undemocratic and downright scary. If people only are interested in obtaining power and keeping power regardless of which side of the political aisle you are on that is how dictatorships are born. MY grandfather didn’t fight in WWII for that, he fought to oppose that, and we as Americans need to stand up and oppose that as well.

If you haven’t made a plan to vote on or before Tuesday November 8th, please do so. You can find all the information you need at www.myvote.wi.gov

Your union has endorsed the following pro-worker candidates:

  • Governor: Tony Evers
  • Lt. Governor: Sara Rodriguez
  • U.S. Senate: Mandela Barnes
  • Attorney General: Josh Kaul
  • Secretary of State: Doug La Follette
  • Treasurer: Aaron Richardson
  • U.S. House, District 1: Ann Roe
  • U.S. House, District 2: Mark Pocan
  • U.S. House, District 3: Brad Pfaff
  • U.S. House, District 4: Gwen Moore
  • U.S. House, District 5: Mike Van Someran
  • U.S. House, District 7: Richard “Dick” Ausman
  • WI Assembly, District 21: Nathan Jurowski
  • WI Assembly, District 84: LuAnn Bird

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Jeff Mehrhoff BMST