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This project was completed in August of 2018.

The development of the arena district was a complex, high-profile endeavor with an ambitious timeline. To meet that challenge, Bucks leaders reached out to the Milwaukee Building & Construction Trades Council (MBCTC), which supports the union construction industry. “The Bucks knew that the only workforce around to get that done for them was going to be the union building trades," says MBCTC President Dan Bukiewicz. “Long before they decided on a site, they came to the building trades and said, 'We need to accomplish these goals, and we need your help.'"

Those early steps led to a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) between lead construction company Mortenson Construction and local unions. Announced in July 2016, it set terms for worker wages and protections, as well as guidelines for safety, quality and dispute resolution. It communicates expectations so that all contractors commit to an established set of criteria. “You have to meet the provisions of what's asked, and make sure you're paying the correct wage," says Bukiewicz. “Basically, we're leveling the playing field to bring up worker standards all the way around." He says the agreement also includes provisions that “go above and beyond" the baseline standards—such as enhanced safety provisions and hiring goals for women and minorities.