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Jeff Mehrhoff

Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer
Office: (262) 910-9066
Email: jeff@iupatdc7.com

Brian Baumgartner

Director of Servicing/Business Representative Glaziers Local 941/1204
Office: (262) 910-9071
Email: brian@iupatdc7.com

Dan Martin

Director of Organizing
Office: (920) 238-7115
Email: dan@iupatdc7.com

Andrew Buck

Director of Governmental Affairs
Office: (262) 910-9073
Email: andy@iupatdc7.com

Adam Holmes

Director of Training
Office: (262) 910-9063
Email: adam@wglfti.com

Jennipher Neduzak

Director of Communications
Office: (262) 378-8311
Email: jneduzak@iupatdc7.com

Tom Coyne

Business Representative Drywall/Paint Local 781
Office: (262) 910-9034
Email: tom@iupatdc7.com

Adam Gifford

Business Representative Drywall/Paint Local 108/770/802/934
Office: (608) 422-2870
Email: agifford@iupatdc7.com

Travis Carey

Field Representative Drywall/Paint Local 1011
Email: travis@iupatdc7.com

Stephen Petersen

Field Representative
Office: (414) 412-6233
Email: spetersen@iupatdc7.com

Jiovanna Pinon

Field Representative *Bilingual
Office: (262) 378-6232
Email: jpinon@iupatdc7.com

Ricardo Sanchez

Business Development/Recruiting Coordinator *Bilingual
Office: (262) 662-1827
Email: rsanchez@iupatdc7.com

Peter Wellman

Field Representative
Office: (608) 358-3229
Email: pwellman@iupatdc7.com

LeVar Wilson

Field Representative
Office: (262) 378-7615
Email: lwilson@iupatdc7.com

Tammy Anderson

Office Manager
Office: (262) 910-9062
Email: tanderson@iupatdc7.com

Terry Badura

Office: (262) 910-9036
Email: terry@iupatdc7.com

Joelle Hunter

Assistant to the Director Apprenticeship & Training
Office: (262) 910-9038
Email: jhunter@iupatdc7.com