What are the benefits of partnering with IUPAT District Council 7 for painting, drywall finishing, glazing and sign or display work?

Our union partners receive:


A large business network that gives you access to:

  • Exclusive bid opportunities
  • Pre-qualification to large general contractors
  • Business and market development opportunities
  • Contractor associations in each of our trades
  • Real time project and sales leads
  • National Maintenance Agreements
  • Exclusive agreements on industrial infrastructure projects

Access to a large, exclusive network of manpower:

  • Pre-vetted
  • OSHA-certified safety trained
  • Highly skilled with access to continual training
  • Drug-free
  • Held accountable to high standards

Contractor and Employee advancement opportunities:

  • Training and education
  • State-of-the-art training centers
  • Wisconsin state-certified apprentice programs
  • Project Management and Supervisory upgrade programs

Partnering with IUPAT DC7 is a win-win.
Together, we’ll both Finish Strong.

Interested in partnering with IUPAT DC7?

Complete one of our online forms to apply for membership as a Journeyman Drywall Finisher, Painter & Decorator, Glazier, or Sign & Display worker.

If you've recently been laid off, let us know so that we can assist you.

Out-of-Area Members should check-in when working within DC7's Jurisdiction. Report must be filed prior to the start of work.

IUPAT Activist Pledge

We are union, and we can beat back anti-worker anti-union attacks. With our collective voices, we can drive the conversation; we can expand work opportunities, skills training, and win back market share.

Sign the IUPAT Activist Pledge

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