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Continuing Education 
IUPAT District Council 7 members are the best trained and most safety conscious in the building trades.
Our members have committed to mandatory training both to protect themselves and to protect the
economic security of their families, and to afford our companies a competitive edge with savings achieved
through safety
Our members take 10 hours of OSHA training, CPR training, forklift, respiratory exams and respirator fit
tests, fall protection, scaffold training, and aerial lift training, among other classes.
DC 7 is proud to partner with its signatory contractors in negotiating contract
language providing for participation in the Council’s STAR (Safety Training
Awards Recognition) Program, which has been quite successful.
To establish safe work practices within our industries.
Insure every member is compliant with District Council No. 7 training objectives.
Reduce the amount of work place accidents and injuries.
Reduce employer workers compensation claims.
Establish a common bond of cooperation between the employer and the union.
Maintain and improve the skill level of all participants.
Our membership works smarter and safer than its’ non-union competition, and its Union provides them
with the tools and available resources to do so. Here is a sampling of our regulatory class offerings: 
Regulatory Safety Courses
Upon satisfactory completion, individuals will receive an OSHA certification card.  The curriculum is
designed to heighten the awareness of workers enabling them to identify hazards in the workplace. 
Training topics include: OSHA, Scaffold Safety, Electrical Safety, Fall Protection, Hazard Communication,
Lockout–Tagout, Confined Space Entry, Respiratory Protection, Hearing Conservation, Ladder Safety, and
Personal Protective Equipment.  Completion of this course is a prerequisite for enrolling in the other
mandatory courses.
This course is designed to provide a general introduction to the safety requirements for constructing and
working on scaffold specified in 29 CFR 1926 451.  Upon satisfactory completion, the IUPAT issues a
certification card.  The Erecting & Dismantling section includes pre-planning, inspection of scaffolds
components, load capacity, platform construction, access, fall protection, falling object protection, and
dismantling.  Safe Work Practices covers awareness of potential hazards that exist while working on all
types of scaffolding including electricity, falls, falling objects, and safe work practices while working on
This course is done in conjunction with the American Red Cross and is offered at all our facilities. Upon
satisfactory completion, individuals will receive a CPR/AED certification issued by the Red Cross valid for
one year.  The First Aid certification is currently valid for three years from the date of completion.  This
course is designed to provide members with the knowledge and skill necessary to handle all different
types of emergencies.  Participants will be prepared to recognize emergencies and make appropriate
decisions regarding care.  It includes information on various injuries and illnesses including wounds, bites,
poisoning, etc.
                          CPR/AED & FIRST AID VALID FOR 2 YEARS
Our Forklift course includes classroom and operational testing and covers OSHA standards, fuel handling,
safe operations, and inherent dangers and hazards.  Popular in all industries, it is especially important for
those in the tradeshow, exhibit building, glazing and glass working sectors.
Journeyworker Upgrading Courses
This course is run on an as needed basis. It requires a minimum enrollment of 12 students. Participants
will be involved in mostly hands on training with exposure to a wide variety of wall coverings. This course
is valuable to those who wish to learn basic hanging techniques, as well as, those desiring to refresh their
hanging skills.
This course is run on an as needed basis. It requires a minimum enrollment of 12 students. Participants
will be involved in mostly hands on training with instruction in wood graining, marbleizing and a number of
other faux finishes.
Our instructors play an integral part of our success in this area.  And the IUPAT’s Finishing Trades Institute
provides important services such as ongoing instructor training and re-certification to achieve the highest
level of training possible.  Likewise, the Council’s affiliated jointly trusted Apprenticeship Training Funds
play an equally important part, and we appreciate their cooperation and support. 
DC 7 Training Coordinator:
Adam Holmes  
Continuing Education Instructors:
Adam Gifford
Brian Baumgartner
Doug Mack
Brian McGuigan
John Mercer
Marcus Shepherd
Bob Owsianowski
Dave Strem